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Investigations Bureau

The Amador County Sheriff's Office Investigations Bureau is currently comprised of one lieutenant, one sergeant, four deputy sheriffs, and two crime scene investigators.

Under the current configuration, two deputies conduct investigations into crimes against children, sex crimes, crimes against persons and the sexual offender registration program.

Two deputies conduct investigations into crimes against property, such as theft and burglary and serve as deputy coroners, responsible for follow up inquiries associated with coroner investigations. Currently one sergeant is responsible for coroner investigations and will assist the investigations deputies with their cases.

The typical duties of personnel assigned to the Investigations Division include but are not limited to; investigation of major crimes, initial and follow up investigations; interviews of victims, witnesses and
suspects; collection and review of physical evidence, drafting crime reports, drafting and execution of search and arrest warrants and providing expert court room testimony.
Our crime scene investigators are responsible for the documentation, collection, analysis and maintenance of all evidence at major crime scenes. Our crime scene investigators are also responsible for maintenance and disposition of property at the Amador County Sheriff's Office evidence vault and off-site facility.

While personnel have their specific areas of responsibility and expertise, they can regularly be found assisting each other and other divisions at the Sheriff's Office.

One extra help investigator is a part time investigator responsible for financial crimes investigations primarily focusing on identity theft, fraud and forgery. The other extra help investigator is assigned to cold case homicide investigations.

Personnel assigned to the Investigations Division work collaboratively with investigators and personnel from local, state and federal law enforcement and prosecutorial agencies. Most personnel assigned to the Investigations Division also have collateral duty assignments such as the Crisis Negotiation Team, Dive Team, Search and Rescue, and SWAT.
Investigations vehicle