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Research and Planning

American Law Enforcement is an ever-evolving profession. As such, every progressive agency is required to look ahead at future trends and technology breakthroughs and the latest advances in tactics and technology. The Amador County Sheriff's Office Research and Planning Unit is responsible for ensuring that the Amador County Sheriff's Office stays at the cutting edge of contemporary police practices. This unit is responsible for staying abreast of future trends, technologies, public sentiments, and media attentions and making recommendations to appropriate command staff in order to ensure this agency is adequately prepared and equipped to meet the department’s mission now and in the future.

Special projects that may involve the entire agency and are especially time consuming or complex also fall within the purview of the Research and Planning Unit.


Research and Planning includes Crime Analysis. Crime Analysis functions as a resource center where specific crime data is collected, analyzed, and maintained for timely dissemination to Sheriff’s Office personnel and selected outside sources. The unit is also responsible for data compilation, analysis, information dissemination and facilitation of crime reduction philosophy/models in order to assist the efficient deployment of resources.