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Sheriff's Message


I am humbled and honored to serve as the 26th Sheriff of Amador County. I have proudly served the public for the past 29 years through my work in the United States Air Force, with the Los Angeles Police Department, and 23 years of service to the people of Amador County in every capacity from deputy sheriff to Sheriff.

I have instilled a motto for my office of, “Proud to serve, ready to protect.” I expect my Sheriff’s Office personnel to take pride in what they do and provide the absolute best possible service they are capable of. Under my command, the cornerstones of this agency will continue to be: Pride, Honor, Integrity, and Tradition.

Every day, the deputies and correctional officers at the Sheriff’s Office risk death or great bodily injury to protect our community. We are committed to stand ready as the guardians of Amador County. We will not be deterred in the face of danger, and we pledge to protect the residents and visitors of Amador County without hesitation.