Command Staff

  • Martin A. Ryan

    Sheriff Ryan has been a California peace officer for 44 years (1975-2019) having served at both the local and state levels.

    His family history in Amador County dates back to the mid 1800’s with his grandfather serving as the 18th Sheriff of the county for 40 years (1914-1954). Sheriff Ryan is a 4th generation Amador County law enforcement officer.

    He began his career in 1975 as the Chief Investigator for the Amador County District Attorney’s Office. In this capacity he conducted criminal investigations and served as the county wide law enforcement training coordinator. He was also the Deputy Public Administrator/Conservator and Welfare Fraud Investigator for the Office.

    In 1981 Sheriff Ryan was hired as a Special Agent for the California Department of Justice and was assigned to the Los Angeles Office of the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI). While in this assignment, he conducted criminal and civil investigations on behalf of California’s Attorney General and state and local agencies. He investigated such matters as public/police corruption, major fraud, consumer fraud, deaths in custody, Commission on Judicial Performance investigations, criminal investigations, and served as a Departmental Firearms Instructor.

    In 1984, Sheriff Ryan transferred to the Sacramento Office of CBI. In 1985 he was the CBI case agent for the Leonard Lake/Charles Ng serial murder investigation in Calaveras County where he coordinated CBI’s statewide role in this multi-jurisdictional investigation. He later became the Ng Task Force Commander. In this role he supervised a multi-agency/international team of investigators to prepare the serial murder case for prosecution by the Attorney General’s Office. Ng was eventually convicted of 11 counts of first degree murder and is currently on death row.

    After the Ng case, Sheriff Ryan became one of CBI’s first members of a new Criminal Investigations Response Team (CIRT) and was specially trained to respond to and investigate homicides, serial murders (Lake/Ng, Roger Kibbe/ the I-5 Strangler, Morris Solomon Jr.), and officer involved shootings throughout Northern California in partnership with the Bureau of Forensic Services. He continued to investigate corruption cases and investigations of statewide importance involving elected officials, fraud, and a variety of other cases in support of local law enforcement and the Attorney General’s Office.

    In 1987 Sheriff Ryan was promoted to Special Agent Supervisor and directed a team of CBI agents assigned to the 26 counties that comprised the Sacramento Regional Office of CBI. He was responsible for quality control as well as case direction and oversight. He was later assigned to CBI Headquarters where he coordinated CBI’s statewide CIRT Program, insuring proper homicide training and equipment acquisition while personally continuing to respond to homicides and other violent crimes throughout the region. He authored CBI policy in such areas as report writing, inspections, firearms, etc.

    In 1990, Sheriff Ryan was promoted to Special Agent in Charge (SAC) of the CBI Sacramento Regional Office where he was responsible for budgets, quality control, case acceptance/management and investigative direction for the teams of agents assigned to that office. In this position he also supervised CBI’s state wide Polygraph and Criminal Profiling Units. He was later assigned as the SAC of the CBI Intelligence Operations Bureau, which provided intelligence analysis and database assistance to California law enforcement agencies and tracked the activities of California’s criminal gangs, criminal extremists, organized crime, and domestic terrorists.

    In 1997, Sheriff Ryan was promoted to the position of Assistant Chief of CBI, responsible for the statewide daily operations of CBI’s six regional offices. In this capacity he was responsible for budgets, policy development and implementation, case acceptance, quality control, and coordination with the Attorney General’s legal divisions.

    In 1999 Sheriff Ryan was appointed by the Attorney General as the Chief of CBI and served in that capacity until December of 2005. As Chief, he was in daily contact with the Attorney General’s Executive staff in developing priorities, developing and implementing programs such as statewide Sexual Predator Response Teams, budget development, and high profile statewide cases.

    From 2003-2004 Sheriff Ryan served as the National Chairman of the 41 member Association of State Criminal Investigative Agencies which is a professional organization consisting of the senior executives of the state wide criminal investigative agencies in the United States.

    In June 2006 Sheriff Ryan was elected as the 25th Sheriff of Amador County and took office in January of 2007. In this capacity he is responsible for the 115 employees and $18 million budget of this office, including the Corrections/Court Security Division, Operations Division (Patrol, Investigations and Dispatch Bureaus), and the Administrative Division. He also serves as The Director of Emergency Services for Amador County.

    During his law enforcement career, Sheriff Ryan graduated from both the POST Basic Police Academy (1975) and the California Department of Justice Special Agent Academy (1981) where he served as class President.

    He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History from the University of California, Davis (1973), and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy (186th), the POST Command College (25th), the FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development Seminar, and the U.C. Davis Executive Development Course.

    Sheriff Ryan holds a Lifetime Junior College Teaching Credential in Police Science and has been a POST Certified Instructor in Criminal Intelligence and Firearms Training. He also holds California POST Basic, Supervisory, Management, and Executive Certificates.

    Sheriff Ryan is very active in the California State Sheriffs' Association (CSSA) which represents the interests of California's 58 elected Sheriffs. He serves as Co-Chair of the Undersheriff’s Committee and Vice-Chair of the Political Action Committee.

    In April of 2015, Sheriff Ryan became the first Sheriff of Amador County to hold the office of President of the CSSA. His term as President expired in April of 2016.

    Sheriff Ryan continues to represent the CSSA on various statewide and national level committees such as the Governor’s Medal of Valor Committee, Governor’s Office of Emergency Services Homeland Security Advisory Committee, CA Peace Officer Memorial Foundation Board of Directors, and the FBI Criminal Justice Information Services Western Working Group.

  • Gary Redman

    Undersheriff Gary Redman was born and raised in Southern California. He enlisted in the United States Air Force in 1988 and served our country for four years. Gary was stationed in Germany for two years and was assigned to the U.S. Forces Police in Kaiserslautern, Germany prior to being Honorably Discharged.

    In 1996 Gary joined the Los Angeles Police Department and was assigned to South East Division and Central Traffic where he performed all patrol functions.

    Gary was hired as a Deputy Sheriff for the Amador County Sheriff’s Office in 1998. Gary had several different collateral duties as a Patrol Deputy including a Field Training Officer responsible for training and evaluating new deputies, SWAT team member and Marine Deputy. In 2001 Gary was promoted to Sergeant and he was responsible for supervising patrol personnel, the K9 Program, and the Community Assistance Program (CAP) where he advised members of the community about Sheriff’s Office operations and community safety issues.

    In 2008 he was assigned as the Administrative Sergeant overseeing training for the Sheriff’s Office and the Civil Bureau. As Administrative Sergeant, he served as the Sheriff’s Office liaison to several community groups such as Operation Care, the Domestic Violence Counsel, the Child Abuse Counsel, the Isolated Seniors Program and others. Additionally, Gary was also assigned as the Team Leader for the Sheriff’s Office SWAT team. During his tenure as Team Leader, Gary was responsible for the overall training and certification of SWAT team members, conducting threat assessments, dignitary protection, tactical planning and the execution of high risk operations. During this assignment Gary established close working relationships with SWAT team leaders throughout the state, including the California Department of Justice, FBI, ATF and DEA. Under direction of the Sheriff, Gary established, participated in and led the newly created Sheriff’s Office Honor Guard Program for several years.

    In 2010 Gary was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to the Patrol Bureau where he directly supervised the day to day operations of patrol staff, the scheduling of shift assignments, conducted and supervised Internal Affairs investigations and oversaw critical events. In 2012 Gary was promoted to Captain and was assigned to the Corrections Division and Court Security Bureau overseeing the day to day operations of the jail and court security. Gary was responsible for the inmate population, inmate welfare program, and jail and court security budgets.

    In 2014 Gary was assigned as the Operations Captain overseeing the Patrol, Investigations and Communications Bureaus. Gary provided direct supervision over all high profile investigations, disciplinary investigations, and the budgets of each bureau under his command. During his tenure as the Operations Captain, Gary was recommended by the Sheriff and selected by the City of Sutter Creek to be their Interim Chief of Police for six months while the city searched for a permanent Chief. At the conclusion of this assignment, Gary provided the city with a detailed assessment of the Police Department’s operational and staffing needs. In 2018, Gary was selected as the Undersheriff by Sheriff Martin Ryan. As the Sheriff’s Office second in command, Gary is responsible for ensuring that all aspects of the day to day operations of the Sheriff’s Office meet the high expectations of this community. He is also directly involved with managing the Sheriff’s Office overall annual budget of approximately $19.5 million dollars, which is divided among 9 different departments. Gary serves as Sheriff Ryan’s liaison with community and governmental entities by establishing critical relationships with city representatives, and our state and county law enforcement partners. Gary also directly oversees the operation of the Amador County Combined Narcotics Task Force as part of his Undersheriff responsibilities. In the absence of the Sheriff, Gary oversees the Sheriff’s Office and its daily operations to ensure a continuing high quality of service to those we serve.

    Gary holds the basic, intermediate, advanced, supervisory and management certificates issued by the California Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission.

    Gary is a graduate of the Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute and a graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigations National Academy, class #224, held in Quantico Virginia. Gary married his wife of 30 years while they were both stationed with the Air Force in Germany in 1990 and they have two adult daughters.

  • Bryan Middleton

    Captain Middleton joined the Amador County Sheriff’s Office in May of 1999 as a deputy sheriff after serving in the United States Marine Corps.  As a deputy, Bryan held collateral duties as a field training officer, marijuana suppression unit member, and SWAT team member. 

    In January, 2003 he was promoted to sergeant where he worked as a patrol supervisor, field training officer coordinator, and remained an operator on the SWAT team.  In 2009 he was assigned to the Investigations Bureau where he investigated crimes against persons.  In 2011 he was promoted to lieutenant and placed in charge of the Investigations and Communications Bureaus. 

    Bryan was promoted to captain in 2013 and oversaw the Operations Division.  In 2016, Bryan oversaw the Corrections Division and Court Security Bureau until 2018, when he moved back to the Operations Division overseeing Patrol, Investigations, and Communications Bureaus.

  • Jarret Benov

    Captain Jarret Benov joined the Amador County Sheriff’s Office as a deputy sheriff in 2001.  Jarret served as a patrol field training officer for several years before being promoted to sergeant in 2007. 

    In 2010, Jarret was assigned to the Investigations Bureau where he served as the chief deputy coroner and supervised property and financial crimes investigations. 

    In 2013, Jarret was promoted to lieutenant and was responsible for overseeing the Investigations, Coroner, and Communications Bureaus.  After several years in this role, he was reassigned to manage the Patrol Bureau. 

    In 2018, Jarret was promoted to captain and is currently assigned to the Corrections Division and Court Security Bureau. 

    During his time at the Sheriff’s Office, Captain Benov has served on the marijuana suppression unit, social media team, as a less-lethal weapons instructor, on the Amador County Behavioral Health Advisory Board, and as a member and later team leader of the Sheriff’s Office crisis negotiations team. 

    Prior to coming to the Sheriff’s Office, Captain Benov graduated with Honors from the University of California, Davis.

  • Jim Cardoza

    Lieutenant Jim Cardoza began his career at the Amador County Sheriff’s Office on June 14, 1999 and worked as a deputy sheriff until he was promoted to patrol sergeant in 2007.  In 2011, Jim graduated from the FBI National Academy Class 244 and was promoted to lieutenant in 2013 and was assigned to oversee the Patrol Bureau. 

    Jim has held the positions of field training officer, canine handler, swift water rescue and dive team member, chemical agent and less lethal weapons instructor.  In 2004 Jim was selected to the SWAT team and has served as an operator, assistant team leader, team leader and is the current SWAT commander.  After several years of serving as the lieutenant of the Patrol Bureau, Jim took over the Investigations Bureau overseeing Investigations, Coroner and Communications Bureaus.  Lieutenant Cardoza received his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from the California State University at Sacramento in 1995.

  • Jeremy Martin

    Lieutenant Jeremy Martin started his law enforcement career with the Los Angeles Police Department in 2005, where he worked as a patrol officer.  He was hired by the Amador County Sheriff’s Office as a deputy sheriff in April 2007.

    As a deputy sheriff he worked numerous assignments and collateral duties including patrol, field training officer, investigations, SWAT, search and rescue, honor guard, dive and swift water rescue and marine patrol.

    In 2016, Jeremy was promoted to sergeant and assigned to the Patrol Bureau as a supervisor.  During his time as a sergeant he became the honor guard team leader, SWAT assistant team leader and reserve deputy coordinator. 

    In August 2018, Jeremy was promoted to lieutenant and assigned to oversee the Patrol Bureau which includes daily patrol operations, K9 program and marine patrol.  Lieutenant Martin is also the program coordinator for the Amador County Sheriff’s Office volunteer team.

    Lieutenant Martin obtained his Bachelor’s Degree from Azusa Pacific University in 2004 and has been a resident of Amador County with his family since 2007.

  • Brandon Cone

    Lieutenant Brandon Cone joined the Amador County Sheriff’s Office as a Correctional Officer in 2001 and was hired as a deputy sheriff five months later.  As a deputy sheriff, Brandon served as a field training officer, a SWAT operator, a defensive tactics instructor, an impact weapons instructor, a less-lethal instructor, and narcotics investigator. 

    In 2010, Brandon was promoted to the rank of sergeant.  In that role, he performed as a patrol supervisor, field training program coordinator, and vehicle fleet manager.

    In 2013, Brandon was assigned to the Investigations Bureau where he served as chief deputy coroner and supervised both the Property Crimes and Financial Crime detectives.  Later, he went on to supervise General Crimes detectives.

    In 2019, Brandon was promoted to the rank of lieutenant and assigned to oversee the Administrative Bureau and Communications Bureau.

    During his time with the Sheriff’s Office, Brandon has served as Vice President to both the Amador County Deputy Sheriff’s Association and the Sheriff’s Office Mid-Management Association where he had an active role in contract negotiations.

    Prior to coming to the Sheriff’s Office, Brandon attended Cuesta College - San Luis Obispo before transferring to Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo, where he studied business finance prior to developing an interest in Law Enforcement.

    Brandon has been a resident of Amador County since 2001 and enjoys a quiet life with his wife in the hills of Sutter Creek. 

  • Adam Stone

    Lieutenant Adam Stone has lived in Amador County since 1976.  He is a graduate of Amador High School and attended San Joaquin Delta College where he studied Criminal Justice. 

    Adam was hired by the Amador County Sheriff’s Office in 1999 as a Correctional Officer.  Since that time he has worked in the jail taking on collateral duties as a transportation officer, field training officer, and less lethal instructor.  In 2007, Adam promoted to the rank of sergeant.  During his time as a sergeant he supervised numerous correctional officers and was responsible for the custody, safety and care of the inmate population. 

    Adam completed supervisory and leadership training in 2007.  Adam has held collateral duties as the field training supervisor, inmate transportation supervisor, and training manager.  In 2016, Adam was promoted to the rank of lieutenant.  He completed the Manager/Administrator course and the American Jail Association Command Academy in 2017.