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Hidden Key Program

In 2007 an Isolated Seniors Task Force group was formed at the Amador County Senior Center representing many groups charged with providing services such as food, transportation, etc. to seniors. The Amador County Sheriff’s Office became an active participant.

In partnership with the Task Force, the Sheriff’s Office devised a free “Hidden Key” program to deal with non-emergency welfare checks at residences. The program is very simple in implementation. Seniors can sign up using a form which identifies the location of a hidden house key or a neighbor who has access to one. That confidential information is sent to the Sheriff’s Administration Bureau where it is entered into the Record Information Management System or RIMS, under the residence address of the submitting senior. When an address is accessed by Dispatch, they will know if the location has a hidden key or who to call for one and Dispatch can advise the responding Deputies.

By using this simple “Hidden Key” program, Amador County Sheriff’s Deputies are now able to access residences to conduct welfare checks without causing property damage and without necessary delays to determine if an exigent circumstance exists to warrant forced entry

If you would like to participate in the "Hidden Key" program, you may pick up an application at the Amador County Sheriff's Office, or download the application below.