CCW Fee Increase (PDF) - July 1, 2020

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Last year, the Amador County Sheriff's Office (ACSO) conducted a review of our CCW fees as they compare to our neighboring motherlode Sheriff's Offices as our fees have not increased in at least the last 15 years and our costs have steadily risen. Personnel costs, the increase in Public Record Act requests, and the amount of background work and reporting required by staff, led to this review and assessment of our current CCW fee structure.

State law provides that the issuing agency may charge up to $100 for their local processing fee in addition to the amount charged by the state Department of Justice. Currently we charge a total of $108 for the Initial CCW Application fee (893 goes to DOJ and $15 to ACSO). Our total CCW Renewal Fee is $57 ($52 to DOJ and $5 to ACSO). There is no CCW Modification Fee for adding or deleting information on an active CCW issued by our agency.

The average local agency CCW processing fees for our four neighboring counties of Alpine, El Dorado, Calaveras, and Tuolumne, are $92 for the initial CCW Application Fee, $22 for the Renewal Fee, and $10.81 for a CCW Modification Fee.

Based upon the above comparison, the desire to reduce the fiscal impact on our office, and the need to keep our fees reasonable for our valued CCW holders, we are increasing our fees while retaining the lowest CCW cost in our region.

Therefore, effective July 1, 2020, the ACSO CCW associated fees will be increased to the following amounts: the Initial Application Fee will increase to $30 for a total of$123 when including mandatory DOJ fees, the Renewal Fee will increase to $10 for a total of $62 including the DOJ fees. There will still be no Modification Fee charged.



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