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The Amador County Sheriff's Office is commited to providing equal access to employment, programs, services, and activities to persons with disabilities and fully complies with the American with Disabilities Act and California law. For more information click here


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Inmate Programs

Social Services

The following social services are available to inmates: AA, Amador County Drug and Alcohol, Bible Studies, Health classes, Parenting classes, and High School Diploma programs. Inmates who wish to see their own minister may do so by submitting a written request form to the Jail Captain.

Sentence Modifications

All sentenced inmates may apply to the courts for modification of their sentence.

Sheriff's Parole

Any inmate wishing to apply for Sheriff's parole must have completed at least half of their total sentence (not counting good time and work time), and be able to verify extreme extenuating circumstances. Necessary requirements and applications forms are available upon request from the jail staff.


To be eligible to vote an inmate must be a US citizen, a resident of California, and at least 18years of age on the date of the next election. Further, an inmate must not be involuntarily confined because of having pled guilty by reason of insanity, judicially determined to be incompetent to stand trial, or convicted as a mentally disordered sex offender. An inmate cannot be currently imprisoned or on parole for conviction of a felony.

An inmate must register to vote. Voter registration cards should reflect the inmates' current address. Current address is defined as the address which the inmate regards as permanent, and when away from that address, such as in jail, the address to which the inmate intends to return. If the inmate has no permanent address, he cannot vote. Inmates shall request absentee ballots prior to the time of the election if they wish to vote while incarcerated at the time of election. Voter registration cards and absentee ballots shall be mailed in accordance with current inmate correspondence procedures.

Home Electronic Monitoring

The Sheriff, with the approval of the Amador County Board of Supervisors, operates a Home Electronic Monitoring program for non-violent low level offender sentenced inmates pursuant to 1203.016 P.C. Any low level non violent sentence is acceptable. Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis due to reasons such as child-care, medical and persons unsuitable because of physical limitations. The court must not have denied the defendant access to the program. The recommendation by the court that the defendant be placed on the program will be given great weight but it is not an absolute.

To be considered for this program an inmate can not be convicted of a serious felony as described in 1192.7(c) PC, of a violent felony as described in 667.5 PC, of 273.5 PC (defendants convicted of 273.5 PC may be eligible on a case by case basis). Must be sentenced by the court prior to applying for the HEM program. The inmate must score 24 points or lower on the National Institute of Corrections Risk Assessment Survey Instrument (this is conducted by the HEM program staff after receipt of the application for participation in the program).


Home Electronic Monitoring Application

The Home Electronic Monitoring application can be downloaded here. Sentenced inmates can apply for this program through the jail staff. With you application, you must include:

• A copy of the most recent telephone bill for the residence in which the defendant will be residing.
• A copy of the most recent PG&E bill for the residence in which the defendant will be residing
• A copy of a valid Driver’s License for the defendant – Or, an alternative plan for travel to work
• A copy of the current registration on the defendant’s vehicle - Or, an alternative plan for travel to work
• Proof of insurance for the defendant’s vehicle - Or, an alternative plan for travel to work
• Although employment is not a requirement, if the defendant is employed and will be working, a letter of employment verification and work schedule from the employer is required.
• A copy of the Minute Order from court/probation showing your sentence and turn in date.


This program provides a level of supervision, within the community (Amador County) higher than those on the Amador County Work program. Applicants must have a residence located within Amador County or contiguous county. For an out of area residence the Amador County Sheriff's Office must have an agreement with the area Agency for the monitoring of the program; ie. San Diego Probation, Sacramento, San Joaquin, etc. In those cases the offender will need to apply for the program and the Sheriff's Office will then to attempt to enter into an agreement with the jurisdictional county to acquire monitoring for the offender.

The inmate must have a telephone with a plug type jack in close proximity to a 110 volt wall outlet. No call waiting, call forwarding, hold, long distance blocking, voice mail or answering machines can be associated with this dedicated line.


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