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Civil Bureau

The goal of the Civil Bureau is to serve all process in a reasonable and timely manner, while maintaining an impartial position between all parties involved. There are a multiple of type process with which the Civil Bureau is involved.

The majority of procedures and laws governing the service and execution of civil process are covered in the California Code of Civil Procedure (CCP). The law requires that all process brought to the Sheriff for service must be valid on its face, issued by a competent authority and accompanied by adequate legal instructions.The instructions must state the process to be served, the person or entity to be served, the location for service and be signed by the attorney of the party or by the party, if he has no attorney. Also, there are generally time restrictions regarding the service and enforcement of various types of civil process that must be adhered to. The fees for service of process are set in accordance with the California Government Code, 26720 et. seq

Process served by the Civil Bureau include, but are not limited to:

  • Subpoenas
  • Evictions
  • Writ of Sale
  • Bank Levy
  • Restraining Orders
  • Writ of Attachment
  • Writ of Execution
  • Civil Bench Warrants
  • Writ of Possession
  • Earnings Withholding Order
  • Other Orders or Notices as directed by the court

Civil Fee Schedule (effective 01-01-15)

Legal Process Service

Fees- $40.00, Small Claims, Exam Orders, Other Orders, Landlord/Tenant 3 and 30 Day Notice, etc.

Note: For orders issued outside the State of California, there will be an addition $10.00 fee for a notarized signature

Civil Subpoena's


Summons and Complaint

Fees- $40.00 

Writ of Possession

Fees- Evictions, $145.00 / Personal Property, $100.00 

Writ of Execution

Fees- Bank Levy, $40.00 / Wage Levy, $35.00 

Restraining Orders

Fees- Harassment, $40.00 (Free with a fee waiver)  / Domestic, FREE

All Other Services

Fees- Please contact the Civil Bureau prior to mailing to the Sheriff's Office

Civil Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Where do I send documents to be served?
Documents can be sent to the Amador County Sheriff's Office, Attn: Civil Bureau, 700 Court Street, Jackson, California 95642

Question: What is a Letter of Instruction?
This is a request to the Sheriff's Office for services.  Letters of Instructions (available here) must be signed and submitted with your papers requiring services.  The Letter of Instruction provides us with the necessary information to locate the individual being served.

Question: What are your hours?
Answer: Monday-Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (excluding County Holidays)

Question: What do I need to enclose with by request for service?
Answer: A Letter of Instruction, appropriate fees, and the papers requiring service.

Question: Can you give me advice regarding a civil situation?
Answer: We are prohibited from offering any legal advice.  We will make every effort to refer you to the appropriate resources depending upon your situation.

Question: What are your fees?
Answer: Please see Fee Schedule listed above

Question: Do I need to enclose the fees with the request for service?
Answer: Yes.  Fees may be paid by personal check, business check, or money order.

Question: Who do I make the check payable to?
Answer: Make checks payable to: Amador County Sheriff's Office

Question: Do you accept the waiver of court costs I was granted by the court?
Answer: Yes.  Please make sure to include a certified copy of the waiver with your request.

Question: Can someone besides the Sheriff's Office serve my papers?
Answer: Yes.  Anyone over the age of 18 years old, and not a party to the action, may serve court papers.

Question: What happens after you serve my papers?
Answer: Once your papers are served, the Sheriff's Office will mail your Proof of Service directly to you at the address that you provide in your instructions.  You will need to provide the Proof of Service to the court before your scheduled court hearing.

Question: What happens if you can't serve my papers?
Answer: We will return your papers to you along with an explanation of why we were unable to serve the papers.  Fees for service are not refundable.

Question: I was to evict a tenant.  What can I do?
Answer: The Sheriff's Office cannot provide legal advice.  If you are unfamiliar with the eviction process, consult with an eviction service or an attorney.

Question: Where can I get the paperwork to start an eviction?
Answer: Stationary stores frequently carry eviction paperwork.

Question: How long does it take the Sheriff's Office to process an eviction?
Answer: The eviction process is not immediate.  It can take 10-14 days from the time the Sheriff's Office receives the paperwork.  You will be sent a letter prior to the final lock out date with information about the lock out.  You will need to contact the Sheriff's Office for an appointment to perform the final lock out process.  If the tenant has moved out of the premises voluntarily, you do not have to do a lock out. Contact the Civil Bureau and advise the status of the eviction.

Question: How do I obtain a balance due on a garnishment?
Answer: Contact the Civil Bureau at (209) 223-6544.

Question: How do I file a Claim of Exemption?
Answer: A Claim of Exemption is a process by which you ask for a lesser amount to be withheld pursuant to a garnishment.  You may get a Claim of Exemption packet at the Sheriff's Office.  In the packet, there are 3 copies of the Claim.  You are required to fill out all 3 forms, and all forms must have an original signature.  For further questions or instructions regarding the Claim of Instruction, call the Civil Bureau at (209) 223-6544.

Question: Is there a charge to serve a Restraining Order on an inmate in jail or prison?
Answer: There is no charge to serve a Domestic Violence Restraining Order.

Question: Can you serve someone in another County?
Answer: The Sheriff's Office Civil Bureau only serves individuals in Amador County.  To serve someone in another county, you will need to contact the Sheriff's Office in their county or residence.

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